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In October 2013 we launched F1only.nl, a website providing news and more regarding Formula 1. We have been bringing news and more to you for over a year and a half now and we concluded it was time for a change. Although we concentrate on F1, you may have noticed that every now and then we cover other series and categories of racing as well.

We have published articles on the World Series by Renault (WSR) and the GP Series under our website feature ‘Future F1 Talents’, but still, there is so much more going on in autosport all over the world that is genuinely worth watching.

Personally, I find Formula E very interesting for a variety of reasons. I consider the World Endurance Championship extremely attractive. Furthermore, I follow Formula Renault 3.5 and GP Series closely, since we all know this is where we find the future Formula 1 World Champions. And, of course, there is also Formula 3.…

I realize immediately that I am failing quite a few series and categories by not mentioning them here, for which I apologize. Basically, what I am trying to explain is that we have reached the conclusion that the name ‘F1only’ does not do justice to the content on our the website. This is why we decided that F1only will continue under a new name: ‘EmbRACE Exclusive’.

We remain committed to Formula 1 and will keep focussing on the pinnacle of motorsport. With Max Verstappen on the grid for Scuderia Toro Rosso in 2015, we are absolutely thrilled and cannot wait for the season to start.

On top of F1, the website will feature other series and categories of auto racing as well. Moreover, we may highlight persons, teams and news items from other series/categories a little more often than we used to. Thus, reporting on topics that we find interesting and  of which we hope and trust you will share our opinion.

We are very proud of the large number of followers and visitors F1only has attracted since its launch 1.5 years ago. And we are grateful for the loyal readers we welcome every day.  We greatly appreciate your support and cannot thank you enough. Of course, we hope that you will continue visiting, liking and following us at www.EmbRACEexclusive.nl, www.facebook.com/EmbRACEexclusiveNL, www.twitter.com/embRACE_excl_nl (currently in Dutch only) to get your updates on F1 and autosport.

We expect a fantastic race season in 2015 and will do our utmost to keep you informed with interesting news articles, interviews and columns.

EmbRACE exclusive, we embrace racing, not only F1!

Carla Schot
Twitter: @CarlaSchot
www.F1only.nl       ——>  www.EmbRACEexclusive.nl

The transition from www.f1only.nl to www.EmbRACEexclusive.nl will take place later this week. We do not expect our readers to be affected by this change. We will make sure to have the new website up and running in time  for the Australian Grand Prix!

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